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What is Jobboy.com?

Jobboy is the best Amazon Mechanical Turk alternative on the internet. Wether it be small or repetitive tasks that you need to be taken care of, by using Jobboy you can get 1000s of microworkers instantly!. You can do it by making payments to our workers starting from 0.10 per worker! How fantastic is that?! If you use Amazon Mechanical Turk you have the option to not allow microworkers in some countries to apply for your job advertisement. On Jobboy we have no limitations. You have complete control. If you create a campaign on Amazon Mechanical Turk and you are not satisfied with the results, you can not cancel the campaign. However, on Jobboy, you can cancel the job by only paying a small comission fee to get your refund, or if you like, create a new job with the returned money. Amazon Mechanical Turk have a very long registration process and do not accept paypal. We do accept PayPal and registration will take 1 minute or less to sign up. So why not sign up today!

What is microworkers?

Microworkers is the general term used for 80.000 members which are ready to work for you. You can hire microworkers for those repetitive tasks, so you can get more work with small budgets. For example; you can get microworkers from all countries to like your Facebook page, share it with his friends so his friends can also comment on your page for only 0.10$! (Please note: all our workers and workers friends are genuine people trying to earn money). Another example is that you can post a job asking our microworkers to watch your youtube video, or to comment on it and share it. You can get so much done by using Jobboy.com, it's just based on your creativity and needs. Sign up today to joing the ever growing Jobboy community of microworkers and employees!

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