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Job Name Started Payment Success %
visit my blog/ fast payment8 hours ago$0.18-
Complete 1 Easy Survey (US Only)14 hours ago$0.20-
Simple Download16 hours ago$0.20-
Executive Degrees17 hours ago$0.10-
Ad:search+click1 day ago$0.19-
Simple SignUp2 days ago$0.104.76%
SIgnup.Click Ads(All Countries)3 days ago$0.11-
Pay Per Install3 days ago$0.2010.00%
download a .txt file from sharecash.org4 days ago$0.18-
Simple download4 days ago$0.15-
Open the link, click the facebook like button4 days ago$0.10-
Zillow Recommendations11 week ago$0.26-
Simple registration form1 week ago$0.1010.00%
Youtube Comments2 weeks ago$0.10-
PTC Signup(All Countries)2 weeks ago$0.1210.00%
Android app download + sign up2 weeks ago$0.2053.85%
[USA-CAN-UK ONLY] Download service quick $2 weeks ago$0.25-
Hottest MMORPG OF 2014! For Free!!3 weeks ago$0.20-
Simple SignUp3 weeks ago$0.1060.00%
Sign Up and Click!3 weeks ago$0.1023.33%
Submit website to Chrome & Internet Explorer3 weeks ago$0.10-
sign up3 weeks ago$0.10-
Download & Install (USA only)3 weeks ago$0.35-
Download and install3 weeks ago$0.35-
Facebook Account Needed4 weeks ago$0.1033.33%

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