What is JobBoy

JobBoy is a worldwide micro job/task marketplace. JobBoy is your tool for getting online help and/or making money online.

How to earn money with JobBoy?

There are many different types of tasks to do on JobBoy.

  • Earn money with click tasks online
  • Take paid surveys
  • Turn your social media into a passive income
  • Make money by talking about JobBoy
  • Comment on forums and on social media
  • Create introductory YouTube videos

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you check the jobs with high success rates. Some tasks are really easy! And many new job postings are posted on JobBoy every day.

Find online helper with JobBoy

Create tasks tailored to your needs and get instant feedback from JobBoy users. 

How does JobBoy work

  1. The employer posts a job
  2. Employee does the work, presents the required proof of work (some work may not require proof and/or pays immediately)
  3. The employer must review, accept or reject job applications submitted within 48 hours, otherwise the submitted evidence will be automatically accepted.
  4. Employee is paid if proof is accepted

If you haven't already, check out the current list of currently available jobs.  

How to get paid on JobBoy

After a successful job, the corresponding amount will be credited to your wallet. Once the collected amount reaches $6, you can initiate the withdrawal. 

What currency can I get paid in JobBoy?

JobBoy uses Litecoin (LTC) Cryptocurrency as a unified payment method (withdrawal) to ensure it is available worldwide. 

You can earn more using the affiliate program

JobBoy membership comes with an affiliate program. This means that sharing JobBoy URLs can earn you extra money. New members coming with your affiliate link earn you 5% commission for every deposit/task completed forever. Earn money while you sleep! 

Contact JobBoy support

You can send us a message via the online ticket system. We will get back to you as soon as possible