Earning money online is very easy with JobBoy

JobBoy is an online job/task marketplace that connects people from all over the world. JobBoy is your tool for making money online.

How does the JobBoy work?

There are many tasks to do https://www.jobboy.com/jobs 

  1. The employer creates a job/task
  2. The Employee does the job, uploads the proof asked in the job
  3. The Employer within 48 hours (except for the weekends) must review the submitted job proofs, accept, or decline them, otherwise the submitted proofs will be automatically accepted
  4. The Employee get paid if the proof is accepted

How to get paid on JobBoy?

After a successful job the respective amount will be deposited in the employee wallet. Once the collected amount reaches $10 the employee can initiate a withdrawal. For more information https://www.jobboy.com/withdraw 

In what currency can I get paid on JobBoy?

JobBoy uses Litecoin (LTC) Crypto Currency as a unified payment method (withdrawal) to make sure it’s available to it’s worldwide employees. For more info follow the link https://www.jobboy.com/how-to-withdraw-jobboy-litecoin 

What is the JobBoy affiliate program?

When you become a member of JobBoy, you will find a reference link under your account. You can share this reference link in various places such as social media, emails and on a webpage. When an employee or employer (who is a member of JobBoy) follows this referral link, makes a deposit, or completes a job, you earn a commission of 5% of the amount for each transaction. Earn money while you sleep! https://www.jobboy.com/affilate

How can I reach support?

You can send us a message via the online ticket system. We will get back to you as soon as possible https://www.jobboy.com/support/new_request