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Micro Jobs

In today’s world, people are often forced to work different jobs to get by. In some cases, this means working multiple part-time jobs that have hours that conflict with each other. This can be a major inconvenience for workers who sometimes struggle with finding time to complete tasks they need done in their off time. In other instances, it means taking on what are called ‘microwork’ opportunities that allow individuals to earn money completing small tasks online. These microjobs can be completed almost anytime and from any place where there is internet access, so they don’t take up much of the worker’s free time. If you need money fast and cannot commit to a traditional job right now, you might want to consider getting involved in the micro job market as soon as possible. Here is everything you need to know about micro jobs and how you can get started today if you feel ready and willing to do so.

What is a micro job?

A micro job is a short online task that workers can complete in a short amount of time. They are usually under 15 minutes in length, but they can sometimes last up to two hours. The pay for these jobs is usually very low, but they are a great source of additional income when you need it. Micro jobs are sometimes referred to just as ‘microwork’. They are a great way to make some quick cash without taking up too much of your time. It is important to note that microwork is different than data entry. The latter typically requires a larger time commitment and is often more difficult to get paid for.

How to find and choose the best micro jobs

Some of the best places to find micro jobs include:

  • Online job boards - You can find a variety of quick, easy jobs in the “gigs” section of sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour
  • Communities and forums - Sites like Reddit and forums like Inky & Associates have their own micro job sections where you can find opportunities.
  • Automated websites - You can use websites like JobBoy, Microworkers or Click Workers as an interface to get in touch with companies looking for people to do micro tasks

When evaluating potential micro jobs, you need to make sure they are worth your time. You want to be able to get them done quickly and receive payment right away so you can use the cash. Some of the best micro jobs include:

  • Taking online surveys - You can make some quick cash by participating in surveys on websites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie.
  • Doing online research - Companies are often willing to pay people to do research for them. You can use services like Microworkers and JobBoy to find these opportunities.
  • Virtual assistant and clerical work - If you have administrative or clerical experience, you can do virtual assistant work from home and earn money quickly.
  • Online transcription - If you have great typing skills, you can make some quick cash by transcribing audio or video recordings.
  • Mechanical Turk - If you are willing to put in a bit more time, you can do tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform and receive payment quickly.

The benefits of taking on a micro job

There are a variety of benefits to taking on micro jobs. They allow you to make some quick cash when you need it most. You can also use them to supplement your income when you are already working, or you can use them as your primary source of money when you are between jobs. They allow you to work at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can fit these quick tasks into your day whenever you have the time and energy to get them done. They can provide you with the opportunity to build a lasting side hustle. If you are able to find a consistent flow of good paying micro jobs, you can turn them into a lucrative side business that can help you earn money even when you are not actively looking for a traditional job.

The downsides of taking on a micro job

There are some downsides of taking on micro jobs as well. They do not offer much in the way of long-term career potential. You will not have much room to grow in your field, and you may have a hard time finding steady and consistent work. They can often be low-paying and time-consuming. If you do not look for the best opportunities, you may end up spending too much time on low-paying or pointless tasks. They can be inconsistent. While you can use these tasks to supplement a full-time job, they can also be unreliable as your only source of income. They may be difficult to rely on as your sole income source since you cannot control how many tasks get posted or how quickly you can get them done.

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