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Description Steps

Step 1

Go to playstore and download : https://www.clipclaps.com/?activity_spin=78863590

Step 2

Take all this copy :(I won a $3.00 reward from ClipClaps, open ClipClaps to share bonus with me. #eyJpZCI6Ijc4ODYzNTkwIiwidHlwZSI6MX0=# https://www.clipclaps.com/?activity_spin=78863590)

Step 3

sign up (new users only)

Step 4

After complete sign up close app and open it again

Step 5

Go to rewards and screenshot like this : https://ibb.co/6vj1ZTD ,,,, click help him/her

Step 6

If not see that back to step 2 >>> make sure copy >>> close and open app again

Step 7

New user only **Fake proof >>>> report to admin

How to prove you've done it

Proof 1

screenshot to your profile

Proof 2

screenshot step 5 like this: https://ibb.co/6vj1ZTD

Proof 3

your gmail used ..

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