TOP CAR Rent A Car: Rate 5* + Write Not copied and Long Review

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Required steps for this micro job

Step 1

*VERY IMPORTANT* The main criterion for acceptance of your task is: "Your review appears on Google Maps", so please apply all previous steps carefully, especially the last two.

Step 2

*VERY IMPORTANT* I may ask you to edit your review, so please see my response to your review in your* E-mail* within (12) hours of your task being sent.

Step 3

1. Visit the following link:

Step 4

2. Go to the "Write a review" button.

Step 5

3. Put "five star" rating to "TOP CAR Rent A Car" in Dubai.

Step 6

4. Write "UNDERSTANDABLE*LONG*POSITIVE" review about your great experience with "TOP CAR in one of the following *three* languages only: ">Hebrew, Chinese, French>

Step 7

5. Save "TOP CAR in "Favorite Places List" and "Starred Places List".

Step 8

6. Sign out of the Google account (with which the review was written).

Step 9

7. Enter the job link with another Google account. If your review appears, submit your task and if it does not, **Follow the same previous steps with a different Google account Please**.

How to prove you've completed

Proof 1

1. Paste "Google account username", which you rated and wrote the review by it exactly: *Please make sure your username is an European or Arabic name and not a nickname*

Proof 2

2. Paste your review that you wrote exactly: *Please don't send me a screenshot*

Proof 3

3. Put your review link in Google Maps:

Proof 4

4. Please follow your *email*, as it will ask you to edit your review. (ready not ready)
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