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Step 1

PC ONLY. First go to google and search the term - “best email marketing agencies for shopify dropshipping”. After search that you will get a lot of results, click the the result where the website address is master*******.com. Remember to only click on this result or else you will not get paid. Once again the specific result which starts with the word master in it. Here is a screenshot of the specific search result - https://ibb.co/0ntp0Zv

Step 2

After visiting the webpage you should see something like this - https://ibb.co/mHRZVDS. Now scroll down until you see a brief description about a software called SendInBlue. Now click on the Sign Up For SendInBlue Link like shown in the image- https://ibb.co/znzD2Bv.

Step 3

Afterwards you will be redirected to this website like this - https://ibb.co/2WR69V4. Now, click on the sign up for free button on the top right corner. Therefore, you will see this sign up form - https://ibb.co/zZrcNqW. Complete it by putting you REAL email address or else you will not get paid.

Step 4

After you complete the sign up form a verification email will be sent to your email. Check you email inbox as well as the spam folder tab to find the email from SendInBlue. Open the email and click on the verification button and verify your email. Then you will see another form enter in the simple details and click next. You can always enter your name as the company name. Also you would be asked to verify your phone number. MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE THE QUESTIONS AND VERIFY THE NUMBER UNTIL YOU WILL SEE THE DASHBOARD. OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT GET PAID. So make sure you complete all the steps carefully.

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Please provide the email address you used to sign up.

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Provide a screenshot of the verification email you received.

Proof 3

Provide the screenshot of the dashboard you see when you complete the questions after clicking the confirm button in the email.

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