Join Discord Server/Screenshot

$ 0.1
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Success Rate % 100
3 mins work
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Description Steps

Step 1

There are written instructions as well as an instructional video ( Please use whichever is best for you.

Step 2

Go here: Log into Discord with your credentials

Step 3

After you login YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO BE VERIFIED. If you skip this step you will not be paid! Please watch video if you need help or are unsure how to do this last step (

Step 4

Very important: Do not leave the server for any reason for at least 48 hrs! We need time to verify that everyone joined and if you leave the server you will risk not being paid.

How to prove you've done it

Take a screenshot of your discord screen showing you successfully joined the server
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Submit Proof

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Please submit proofs as it is requested on the proof section of the job. Proofs like “Done, Completed, OK” will get you banned from the system.

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