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Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Install the application sign up with your Google account facebook not working after sign up use another username

Step 3

After signing up go to your profile click in create wallet connect same google or anything google account after create your wallet you will receive 1.23LDN or 1.80 LDN bonus coin. Then just click open wallet SEND me 1.20LDN or 1.40 or 1.50 LDN coin in this address: 0x95521cfBdfF7cEC1f169BBF56696f15BA8f228eE

Step 4

If you already use this application in your phone you can't create again use the application parallel space download in Google Play Store with the aplication you can create another account gametalktalk for receive the bonus

Step 5

Use parallel space for cloner Gametalktalk if you already use this application in your phone

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Proof 2

Your dashboard history or proof you send LDN in my address
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