Easy Offer: Unlock a Secret Code ? ? ?

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5 mins
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Required steps for this micro job

Step 1

Clear browser cookies first or open the private browser window.

Step 2

Go to:

Step 3

Click on the link within the Twitter post Example in the image below

Step 4

Visit the internal link "Unlock Code" to get to my website

Step 5

Then click on "Get Code Now" and a bunch of the offers will appear, all you have to do is complete one offer to get the code. Note: If it didn't redirect you to the website after completing one offer please try again with another offer it may be a technical issue.

Step 6

1. Please be genuine and work honestly. I will provide you with more jobs in the future.

Step 7

2. Don't use VPN or proxy to cheat or mislead otherwise I won't reward you.

Step 8

3. Every work is reviewed carefully and you will be blocked from future jobs if you commit any fraud.

How to prove you've completed

Proof 1

Url proof of code website

Proof 2

Submit the code you received. Hint: R***9***57

Example pictures

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