DESO: Sign Up + Auto ID Verify

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Description Steps

Step 1

Go to: Click Sign up today then Sign up with DeSo seed.

Step 2

Log in and Click ''GET DESO WITH ID'' (Guide: )

Step 3

Complete ID-Verification to receive Full DeSo BONUS. (ID verify finish in 2 minutes)

Step 4

Then go to "My Wallet" and click "Send DESO" (Guide: ) Paste my address in PUBLIC KEY, Click Max and Send $DESO. My address: BC1YLhtT5yjU2ajfxfqyoGFnvTu3EKNsVioE8oPkp8K6uMhpW1TeMYs

Step 5

Notes: You must complete ID-Verify to complete this job. If you send me 0.00002 DeSo you will not get PAID It's a simple job so do it correctly to get QUICK PAID.

How to prove you've done it

Proof 1

Your Diamond Username.

Proof 2

Go to My Wallet, Click on View My Transactions (Guide: ) Screenshot full page which proof you send me Full DeSo to given address in Step 04.
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