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Step 1

Please make sure that you don't have account with Fiverr before, if you have an account then PLEASE MAKE SURE to use different device with different IP and different email address and different payment method. Please MAKE SURE TO BUY THE SERVICE BEFORE SENDING YOUR TASK FOR APPROVAL TO ME.

Step 2

Click on the link:

Step 3

It will direct you to my service for (Logo Design) on Fiverr, please click on (Countinue 5$) the green botton that tells to buy with the price of ur currency, , then you will be directed to the sign up page

Step 4

Sign up and confirm your email, then click on the link again and GO BUY the service.

Step 5

When click Buy, you will be directed to payment page, please use one of the payment methods offered and then for requirements page you can chose whatever logo you want to design and I will design it for you. Note: your task will not mark as completed unless you buy the service and send my the email that Fiverr will send you after buying.

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