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Step 1

Go to this link:

Step 2

Sign up with email for 30 days trial. (Do not sign up with Facebook or Google) It is very important that you are a new member otherwise you won't get a free trial.

Step 3

Input the details required, Start the free trial. During this process, you will get a welcome email. I will need proof of that.

Step 4

After getting the free credit, Login to with your sign-up details and buy a book with the free credit given. (Try for $0.00)

Step 5

Listen to one free audiobook for at least 30 seconds.

Step 6

Note: (Try for $0.00)A debit/credit card is required for this, but if you cancel before 30 days, you will not be charged. But remember, after I've rated you, you can choose to continue enjoying this service or cancel your subscription at any time within 30 days, You will not be charged any fees.

Step 7

If you submit an old or fake proof, I would block and report your account. Once confirmed your valid registration in audible I will release your payment instantly.

How to prove you've done it

Proof 1

Email of successful registration, and a screenshot with a date.

Proof 2

Download the screenshot of the audiobook.
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