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Description Steps

Step 1

Download the Google Chrome extension from this link

Step 2

When you have downloaded the extension, open it.

Step 3

Click “Sign in with Google”.

Step 4

Sign in with you Google account.

Step 5

After signing the extension will say “New to Dollarcake?” CLICK YES/CREATE NEW WALLET.

Step 6

The extension will show “Backup your wallet” – don’t mind this page, CLICK NEXT.

Step 7

Set a password and CLICK FINISH

Step 8

You will get 200 tokens in the wallet.

Step 9

Go to “Wallet”.

Step 10

Click the cake icon (send / receive)

Step 11

In wallet address paste this address: 0xEe12611D92996eF037a1e702e85c6dc365Badb46

Step 12

In “Token amount” click the “MAX” bottom.

Step 13

Click SEND

Step 14

The extension will say “Tokens sent”. CLICK CLOSE

How to prove you've done it

Proof 1

Open the extension

Proof 2

Click "Wallet"

Proof 3

Click "Transactions"

Proof 4

Wait for the page to load.

Proof 5

Take a screenshot of this page of the extension and upload this as proof.
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