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Step 1

*** PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: After posting your review, sign out of your google account, then visit the job link with another Google account, and see if your review has already been posted. I need to see your review so I can pay you. Because sometimes your review doesn't show so you can write review with different google account.

Step 2

Visit URL => https://bit.ly/3zuA4V2

Step 3

Go to the "Write a review" button.

Step 4

Put "five star" rating to "Al Rabee Rent a car"

Step 5

Write positive review about your great experience with "Al Rabee Rent a car", In one of the following languages:: (Hebrew, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, English)

Step 6

Save "Al Rabee Rent a car" in "Favorite Places List" and "Starred Places List".

Step 7

Sign out of the Google account (with which the review was written), then enter the job link with another Google account. If your review appears, submit your task and if it does not, follow the same previous steps with a different Google account.

Step 8

***Very important*** The main criterion for accepting your task is: "Your review appears on Google Maps", so I ask you to follow the previous steps carefully, and focus on applying the last step in particular.

Step 9

**Note** I may ask you to edit your review, so please see my response to your review in your "Inbox".

How to prove you've done it

Proof 1

Paste "Google account username", which you rated and wrote the review by it exactly: "Please be the username of a real person"

Proof 2

Paste your review that you wrote exactly: "Please don't send me a screenshot"

Proof 3

Did you save "Al Rabee Rent a car" in Favorite Places List" and "Starred Places List"? Choose: (Yes_No)

Proof 4

Are you sure that, Your review: a. Written in one of the predetermined languages, which are understandable and clear to the reader. B. Has been shown on Google Maps, after you've signed out of your Google account, and you've visited the link for that job again using another Google account. c. Modifiable and not duplicated and Not copied from someone else. D. You will not delete it in the future. ***Do not submit your task before verifying all of the above*** Choose (sure/not sure
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