Add as Friend + Create an Account + KYC + Screenshot

$ 3
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20 mins work
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Description Steps

Step 1

Click on the link:

Step 2

Follow the steps in the above link to start work

Step 3

Submit the proof according to the requirements at the end of the link

Step 4

Please follow the instructions in the link

Step 5

this mailbox to register a coinlist account, and finally complete the kyc authentication. Submit the certificate according to the requirements, even if it is completed

How to prove you've done it

Proof 1

Your country and city

Proof 2

Outlook email

Proof 3

Outlook email password

Proof 4

Coinlist account password

Proof 5

Coinlist backup code

Proof 6

How to add your telegram or whatsapp
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Submit Proof

Your proof
Please also upload a screenshot of proof files allowed in: JPG, PNG, GIF
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Please submit proofs as it is requested on the proof section of the job. Proofs like “Done, Completed, OK” will get you banned from the system.

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