1st Task: ( IXFI: Install + KYC ) 2nd Task: Create a new gmail

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Step 1

Go to: https://share.ixfi.com/LnAeuYniusHn2S3t8

Step 2

Singup with your email and password and must enter this referral code: ch67eemg

Step 3

Let's complete your KYC.

Step 4

Check your email after you successfully KYC on the app. Submit your email from IXFI that you have already had success on KYC.

Step 5

You have done 1st task

Step 6

2nd Task

Step 7

Create a new Email only from a browser on your phone or PC without phone verification.

Step 8

Click this link random-name-generator.info/ find good USA username create new gmail account No need recovery email Gmail create first name last name 3 Words Examle Johnsmith102@gmail.com RubyParker806@gmail.com not create longer Not Approved

How to prove you've done it

Proof 1

1st task proof: Username and email used to sigup

Proof 2

Screenshot of your IXFI account homepage

Proof 3

New create Google account address and password
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