1. install app, click video ads , collect points and join telegram group , old and new

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Description Steps

Step 1

1. install app 2. click video ads and watch ads and close your earning points 3. click simple ads and watch ads till end 4.. click ads and close your earnings points 5. spin the wheel to collect points , repeat this to collect 300 points 6. visit 70% of all ads

Step 2

work for 2 days . you exchange coins to cash too. If you are interested can contact us for daily tasks and get decent income daily or weekly

Step 3

send screenshot of download and work for 2 days to my email address wanbunna222@gmail.com

Step 4

link to download app is here https://drive.google.com/u/1/uc?id=17LIu4nMP7m9qWvJ60Nfd_OOgiie73NBU&export=download

Step 5

we guarantee that nothing harmful to you devices, thanks for your participation!

Step 6

please join telegram group to get update of the project

How to prove you've done it

Proof 1

send screenshot of install app and work on task for 2 days

Proof 2

to my gmail address wanbunna222@gmail.com
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