How to Earn Crypto: A Beginners Guide

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JobBoy is an online platform where you can earn Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies by completing simple tasks. The tasks are related to freelancing, like article writing or data entry. You can also use it to advertise your skills and get new clients.

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that can be traded. Some of them can also be used to buy goods and services directly, in a process known as ‘ Spending Crypto’. Instead of simply buying and selling things with your crypto, you may want to explore alternative ways to earn more of it. There are many ways to get more crypto through mining, faucets, competitions, betting, and so on. The majority of these activities are collectively known as “How To Earn Crypto” or “HEC” for short. Read on to find out more...


What is HEC?

HEC stands for How to Earn Crypto. This is the collective term for various ways to earn, rather than simply buy and sell, cryptocurrencies. Many of these activities can be completed online, from the comfort of your computer or smartphone. HEC includes ways to earn through mining, faucets, selling goods and services, playing games, advertising, bounty programs, and giveaways.


How to Earn Crypto Through Mining

If you have a computer with a powerful graphics card, you might be able to earn a small amount of crypto through mining. Mining refers to the process by which new coins are created. There is no central authority that issues new coins – an encrypted, decentralized network of computers does this autonomously. For a computer to become part of this network, it must volunteer to perform the complex mathematical calculations required to verify transactions, and in exchange, it is rewarded with a small amount of newly created coins. In order to mine coins, you need to download a special software program that uses your computer’s processing power to solve complex mathematical problems. The program will also connect to a large decentralized network of computers that are all trying to solve the same problem.


How to Earn Crypto Through Faucets

A ‘faucet’ is a website that pays out a small amount of cryptocurrency for free. Faucets are often used as a way of introducing new people to a crypto, as well as a way to give back to the crypto community. There is no one way to earn crypto from a faucet. Some pay in the form of a gift card, others in crypto, and some pay through advertising. Before signing up to any faucet, make sure you read the terms and conditions. You might also consider signing up to a few different faucets, to maximize your earnings. There are also some faucet variations that you might want to pay attention to, such as ‘miner faucets’ and ‘browser faucets’.


How to Earn Crypto through Games-Playing

The gaming industry is worth billions of dollars per year. There are a large number of gaming websites that allow you to earn crypto for free. Generally, you will have to invest time, energy, and perhaps money into the games in order to earn a meaningful amount of crypto. Game-playing can be a fun, and also a very effective way of earning more crypto. There are also a number of gambling games that allow you to earn crypto, by playing with either fake or real money.


How to Earn Crypto by Selling Goods and Services

This is probably the most widely used way to earn crypto. By offering to sell goods and services for crypto, you are effectively mining for coins, by using your time and effort instead of a computer. This can be done either offline or online. You can find a full list of online marketplaces in our article on how to spend crypto.


How to Earn Crypto through Freelancing

This is a very simple way to earn crypto, and it can also open up a lot of other opportunities for you. By creating a profile on an online marketplace for freelance work, such as UpWork, Freelancer or JobBoy, you can earn crypto for any work that you are qualified for. This includes everything from graphic design and programming to writing articles and proofreading.


How to Earn Crypto through a Bounty Program

This is an easy way to earn crypto, but it is also very tricky. A bounty program is where a company or organization will offer money to people who complete specific tasks. The tasks could be anything, such as posting about a product on social media, or writing an article about it. The bounty program will set out all the terms and conditions, and how much you can earn. You will usually have to first apply to join the bounty program, and then you can start earning crypto. Keep in mind that not all bounty programs will pay you in crypto.


How to Earn Crypto through Advertising and Giveaways

This is a great way to earn crypto, and it’s very easy. By creating a sponsored ad, or hosting a giveaway, you can earn a small amount of crypto for free. The good thing about these activities is that you can do them multiple times, and you can do them as often as you like. These activities are generally done through networks like Facebook and Instagram, but there are also networks specifically designed for advertising and giveaways. There are also specific websites that list crypto giveaways.


Final Words

There are many ways to earn crypto, and this can be a fun and interesting way to get started with it. You don’t need to earn a substantial amount, or even do anything special. With crypto, the small amounts add up, and they can be used in a variety of ways. There are also a number of options to get started with crypto. You can buy some, use a crypto ATM, or you can earn crypto for free. There are a number of ways to earn crypto, and you can choose whichever method works best for you.