Save crypto for retirement for your future

Future is coming, save crypto for retirement
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Future is coming, save crypto for retirement! With more and more people hearing about blockchain technology and its potential uses cases, we believe that now is the perfect time to get invested in this space. Read on to find out why you should stay bullish on crypto and invest if you can. There are also tips to earn free crypto in case you don’t have much cash to invest.

Fiat Currency is not going away

Fiduciary(fiat) currencies have existed for thousands of years. In fact, the first coins were minted around 800 BC in Ancient China. These coins were created as a fiduciary currency and have been used ever since. So, why then do we think fiduciary currencies are going anywhere? Well, as we mentioned above, the internet was once a very new and niche concept. However, as more and more people began to use the internet, its popularity soared and it became a part of our daily lives. We believe that the same thing will happen with blockchain and cryptocurrencies as more and more people begin to trade them and use them as a form of daily payment.

Blockchain is here to stay

New technologies are often met with skepticism. Many believed that the internet would never take off, and that it would fade into obscurity. However, in the last two decades the internet has become a crucial part of our daily lives. Similarly, many thought that blockchain technology would not take off, but as more and more people begin to see the potential benefits of this technology, we’ve seen its popularity soar. The most well-known application of blockchain is its use in cryptocurrencies, but there are many other uses for this revolutionary technology. We think that blockchain technology is here to stay, and that it will become an increasingly important part of our daily lives in the near future.

Institutional Investment will increase

As more and more people see the potential of cryptocurrencies, we expect to see more investment in this space. Institutions have largely steered clear of the cryptocurrency market, as many of them see this space as too risky. However, recently we’ve seen a few big names enter the cryptocurrency market. Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s leading investment banks, plans to open a cryptocurrency trading desk in the coming months. Goldman’s decision to enter the cryptocurrency space has been widely publicized, and it is expected that other big investment banks will follow in their footsteps. More institutional investment will be a huge boon for the cryptocurrency market, as this comes with significant amounts of money and will likely push up the price of cryptocurrencies.

We’ll see more enforcement of regulations

Many governments have been relatively hands-off with regards to cryptocurrencies, simply issuing a warning about their use and letting the market regulate itself. However, recently we’ve seen the British government crack down on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the Chinese government announce a wide-reaching ban on cryptocurrency trading, and the United States government begin to enforce stricter regulations on cryptocurrencies. While this may seem negative on the surface, it’s actually a good sign for the long-term future of cryptocurrencies. When governments begin to enforce regulations on cryptocurrencies, this means that they consider them as legitimate assets. When governments consider an investment legitimate, this often results in a massive uptick in the amount of money flowing into that market.

Best ways to earn free crypto

Instead of simply buying and selling crypto which requires some sort of investment, instead you may want to explore alternative ways to earn it. There are many ways to earn crypto including mining, faucets, competitions, betting, and so on.  In many cases you do not need to spend any money but your time. At the end you can own some free bitcoin. The majority of these activities are collectively known as “How To Earn Crypto” or “HEC” for short.


We believe that the future is bright for cryptocurrencies, and that this is the perfect time to invest. Fiduciary currencies have existed for thousands of years, and we don’t think that they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Similarly, blockchain technology has been around for decades and is here to stay. More and more institutional investment will flow into the cryptocurrency market as people begin to see cryptocurrencies as legitimate investments. Finally, as governments begin to enforce stricter regulations on cryptocurrencies, we expect to see more money flow into this space.